Peter Louis 'Tear-Drop' Mercedes-Phipps: The Professional Human.

Who am I?

🕴🏽 - Greetings 🖖🏽.

I am Peter Louis ‘Tear-Drop’ Mercedes-Phipps: Caribbean-born, New York City-bred multidisciplinary artist,  DJ, digital musician, hyper-creative, host, event + media producer and most importantly, professional human.

What is teardropisfrom.NYC?

☯️ - A micro start-up created out of 15+ years of expertise and talents from a variety of disciplines—adolescent education, tourism + hospitality, radio broadcasting, digital asset production, the performing arts and night life—into one centralized source.

Whom have I worked with?

📜 - Governmental & non-governmental organizations, sororities & fraternities, non-for-profits & corporations, educational institutions, independents, creatives & artists alike.

What are my social media links?

❤️ - Yes:

Youtube, SoundcloudMixcloudVine


📋 - Available upon request.

Is this goodbye?

Only until next time 😌.

Peace, presence and blessings ☮☯🙏🏽


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