Peter Louis 'Tear-Drop' Mercedes-Phipps: The Professional Human.

Media I've produced

Official recap of the Defend Puerto Rico Exhibit Opening at CCCADI.

Descarga En El Barrio promo for CCCADI.

#SoundsOfTheDiaspora Music Feature for CCCADI.

Translation + Caption Sample of 'What Is Afrolatinidad?'

"What does Afrolatinidad mean to me?" featuring Dr. G. for CCCADI.

teardropisfrom.NYC presents VLOG #0009: languages & how to learn them.

eardropisfrom.NYC presents = VLOG #0008: GETTING SH💩T DONE.

La Lupe Concert Tribute promo for CCCADI.

#DescargaFest2018 Recap for CCCADI

Meridian Lights Concert Promo.

Time-lapse installation of Arlington Weithers' "White Crossing" for CCCADI. 

DEPRESSION: A 60 second documentary.

#YungJamesBond: a song in homage to 007.

Interview with Vanezza Cruz for 'Resistance, Roots and Truth', an ICA Alum Group Exhibition for CCCADI.

A tribute to Ebony Magazine for CCCADI.

Promo for 'Resistance, Roots and Truth', an ICA Alum Group Exhibition Artist's talk for CCCADI.

Cinco de Mayo 2017 promo for Madame X.

Super Tuesday with DJ JAZ DÜX promo for Madame X.

Interview with Nichole Burton-Fleming, curator of the exhibition "Barbuda and it's Barbudans: An Ode to Home" for CCCADI.

Daily Quote 0016 - Kahlil Gibran

Daily Quote 0018 - Ming-Dao Deng

Daily Quote 0032 - Stevie Wonder

Latinos Be Like...

How teardropisfrom.NYC business card's are made.

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