Peter Louis 'Tear-Drop' Mercedes-Phipps: The Professional Human.

Media I've produced

Official recap of the Defend Puerto Rico Exhibit Opening at CCCADI.

Descarga En El Barrio promo for CCCADI.

#SoundsOfTheDiaspora Music Feature for CCCADI.

Translation + Caption Sample of 'What Is Afrolatinidad?'

"What does Afrolatinidad mean to me?" featuring Dr. G. for CCCADI.

teardropisfrom.NYC presents VLOG #0009: languages & how to learn them.

eardropisfrom.NYC presents = VLOG #0008: GETTING SH💩T DONE.

La Lupe Concert Tribute promo for CCCADI.

#DescargaFest2018 Recap for CCCADI

Meridian Lights Concert Promo.

Time-lapse installation of Arlington Weithers' "White Crossing" for CCCADI. 

DEPRESSION: A 60 second documentary.

#YungJamesBond: a song in homage to 007.

Interview with Vanezza Cruz for 'Resistance, Roots and Truth', an ICA Alum Group Exhibition for CCCADI.

A tribute to Ebony Magazine for CCCADI.

Cinco de Mayo 2017 promo for Madame X.

Super Tuesday with DJ JAZ DÜX promo for Madame X.

Interview with Nichole Burton-Fleming, curator of the exhibition "Barbuda and it's Barbudans: An Ode to Home" for CCCADI.

Daily Quote 0016 - Kahlil Gibran

Daily Quote 0018 - Ming-Dao Deng

Daily Quote 0032 - Stevie Wonder

Latinos Be Like...

How teardropisfrom.NYC business card's are made.

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